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Women Empowerment eBooks

Women Empowerment eBooks

The Blessings of Being a woman

In this book Dr Stem remind every girl and woman:

✅To embrace your womanhood is to embrace the talents and gifts God has given you.

✅How to identify and use your talents and life in a way that brings honor to God.

✅How to embrace your uniqueness, talents and abilities,

This book will guide you to unlimited self-love, unraveling of the inner strength that will help you create the life you were meant to have. Allow yourself to use this time as a time of self-discovery, spiritual growth and creation of YES an Unstoppable Life that is Free and Fearless.


It’s Time To Shift From Fear to Faith E Book

A life that has no meaning or direction, translates into an empty, stressful and gloomy life. It is time to shift. In this book DrStem outlines 10 practical Steps that one can take to:

✅Shift their life unhappy to happy

✅Unworthy to worthy

✅Shift from fear to faith

✅Unproductive to productive

✅Unloved to loving and loved

The good news is that you don’t have to let fear run your life anymore! It is Difficult to reach your Destination when you have not Determined your Direction. Situations will not shift until you shift: It’s Time to Shift from Faith to Fear.


E BOOK- Build Confidence Achieve Success

Build confidence achieve success is a book filled with confidence nuggets to help elevate your mood and self-confidence for success.

The secret to career success is not talent, hard work or education, but sheer, unashamed confidence, a study suggested.

In this book the young and adults alike will:
✅Recognize and Know you have greatness within you
✅Grow your confident thoughts into confident actions
✅Enjoy a full social life, attract new friends and become more confident
✅Feel smarter, happy, exciting and achieve massive success


E BOOK -Profits are Better Than Wages

This E Book that has The Keys to Living Your Dreams, making enough money, having your own business and yes killing it.  In this book we cover:

✅Why is it so important to own your business vs. working for someone else

✅How to shift to have the right business mindset

✅How you can begin taking the necessary first steps

Profits are better than wages is a guide to starting your own business, making your own profits, your own schedule and freedom to be creative. The truth is if you really want a good living, want financial freedom, buy what you want and live the life you want, then owning a business and earning profits is the key to living your dreams than paycheck to paycheck.


The Power of Prayer and Belief: How to Live “The Serenity Prayer” Every Day of Your Life

This book helps you:

✅Put prayer in perspective

✅Invites you to recognize the value of prayer and serenity

✅Helps you with ways to build on your faith

✅Helps with how to let go of fear

It is a book that entices you to make time for prayer and to use the power of prayer to help you blossom into the best you, you can become. Helps you understand that God is able and Capable. His Grace is Sufficient.


Unstoppable  – A Woman’s Guide to Self confidence

Unstoppable: A Woman’s Guide to Self-Confidence

The value of self-confidence cannot be overstated. This book will boost your self-confidence and help you become the assertive, outspoken confident person capable of making good decisions, communicating your needs and dealing with disagreements. It covers step-by-step techniques to help you:

✅Acknowledge and Handle your mistakes and respond well to criticism

✅Understand Your self-better and others

✅Finally Go after your dream and achieve goals that will enrich your life

✅Be a confident and unstoppable role model to your children

✅Get that job and relationship that you have always wanted.


50 A Celebration Of life lessons

When I turned 5o I realised life was never meant to be difficult it was meant to be experienced and enjoyed fully.
The life lessons I mention in this book are meant to:
✅help you understand why we go through the painful hurtful times
✅Learn more ways to cope with real life issues
✅Learn more ways to care for yourself
✅Learn ways to recognise when you are affected mentally, emotionally and spiritually
You were born Unique, Fearless and Unstoppable. You too will be encouraged to find and enjoy the real you.


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