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Thriving Beyond the Tears Confidence Building Program

Thriving Beyond the Tears Confidence Building Program

Thriving Beyond the Tears Confidence Building Program

Thriving beyond your tears and brokenness. Re Building and Boosting Your Confidence. Life often brings events or situations that leave us feeling empty and broken. Giving ourselves permission to learn how to move past the brokenness and experience the joy of living again is the biggest hurdle. Even though for many finding and creating the confidence you need to live on won’t be easy, the feeling of having the power to live your life your way is priceless.

You deserve the best

Our brokenness unfortunately affects mostly our Self-confident and assertiveness the two skills that are crucial for success in life. If you don’t feel worthy, and/or you don’t know how to express your self-worth when communicating with others, life can be very painful. Confidence opens doors you never thought possible both in your personal and professional life.

I am excited to bring you this confidence building program to help boost self love and resolve the pains and tears you have experienced in your life, your upbringing and beliefs to date.

The program has 8 life changing modules created to:

  • Give you an understanding of how you grew up and what your life story means to you
  • Guide you to forgive yourself and those you need to forgive
  • Help you see what positive qualities you possess
  • Help you to open yourself to change and possibilities
  • Guide you to reflect on social messages that have shaped your values and beliefs
  • Inspire you to build self confidence when you identify what holds you back
  • Teach you how to develop a life plan that will help you thrive beyond your tears, fears and pain
  • Help you build the courage to be the best version of you and go after your heart desires

The program is packed with practical ways to help guide your confidence building process. It includes:

  • Introduction Video for each module
  • Thriving Beyond The Tears: Confidence Building Program comprehensive workbook with tips and Questions Covering all 8 modules plus bonus tips
  • 8 audio files with tips and life lessons
  • 8 confidence booster tips
  • Additional tips to enhance yourself in each module

Purchase your copy of the confidence building program-and begin your journey to a thriving life beyond your tears. I truly believe that all we ever wanted and prayed for is beyond our fears. Building your confidence helps you boost your confidence ,and deal with any and all of the fears that have been in your way. Say goodbye. Fears and hello confidence as you thrive beyond your tears.

I am excited and looking forward to connecting with you during your TWO FREE COACHING SESSIONS.


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