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6 Weeks To Teen Self-Esteem

6 Weeks To Teen Self-Esteem

Parenting Teenagers is one of the Biggest Challenges Parents Face Today!

When parents are asking “Who are these teenagers today?”
Teenagers are asking “Who are these parents again?”

The Parents and Teenagers Hub is a collection of courses, audios, videos. PDFs, homework/discussion information, FREE webinars and everything parents and teenagers need to boost their confidence and Bridge The Gap between them. Membership allows you FREE unlimited access and much more.

The one thing all parents have in common is a strong desire to be stress free, seeing positive change in their teenagers life and their own.

To help release the stress and give guidance, education and encouragement to parents of teenagers and their teenagers, I created a membership site where you can have unlimited access and a wealth of helpful information to parenting today’s teenagers.

Who Needs to Be a Member

  • If you feel like your teenager(s) don’t listen to you or respect you
  • If you constantly argue or engage in power struggles with your teen over everyday issues
  • If you experience increased frequency of your teenager’s involvement in problems at school, home or his/her risk taking behaviors
  • If you are struggling with raising teenager(s) in an age so technologically different from when you grew up
  • If you know there is a problem in the relationship with your teenager(s), but can’t name it
  • If you find yourself using the same unhealthy parenting practices your parents or other parents used when you were growing up (or maybe you haven’t connected where you learned your parenting style from)
  • If you need a sounding board to talk through parenting issues or just vent
  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Become a Member

Parents and Teens enjoy unlimited information, support, advice, guidance, audio recordings, downloads, email support and Live telephonic support when you become a member.

Membership Hub Benefits

  • Easy 24 hour 365 day access to all parenting and teen courses, information and tips
  • EASY Unlimited Access to Parenting Teens Audio and Video Recordings
  • EASY Unlimited Teen Access to Life Success Audio and Video Recordings
  • Reading materials in PDF for easy download
  • Free access to Parent and Teen Webinars, via telephone, zoom or Skype
  • More Membership Benefits
  • Save on individual coaching / counseling calls or in person sessions at a special membership price of just $49 (normally $250 a session)
  • Attend Free teleconference calls with DrStem and other experts
  • Access to private parent-teen Facebook group
  • Free access to our monthly parent support call every third Tuesday
  • Free access to all audio or video recordings of monthly calls, workshops and seminars
  • 10% Discount for all seminars and conferences

Free Teen Access

  • FREE Teen Access with parent membership
  • Support with common topics
  • Bullying
  • Teen Dating and Peer Pressure
  • Teen Stress Management
  • Depression, Mental Health what teens need to know
  • Success Tips and more

Unlimited Practical Skills To Help Support and Guide Parents and Teenagers as well as bridge the Gap between them

Become a member and start to use the support and information created to help you understand and parent your teenagers with ease. Information shared will help guide parents to the necessary information, resources and supports to deal with how to help their teens with issues like self-esteem, depression, anger, college decisions, problem solving, drug and alcohol issues and much more. Enjoy new topics every month and unlimited access and email support for a Limited Time.


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