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6 Ways To Connect With Your Teen

6 Ways To Connect With Your Teen

How to get through to your teen without feeling hopeless, desperate and exhausted.

Learn the 6 simple but powerful ways to get teenagers to listen to you without arguing daily.

6 Ways To Easily Connect With Your Teenagers

Have you ever asked yourself questions like “why is it so difficult to get this child to listen to me?”

“Why won’t they talk to me and tell me what’s really going on in their life?”

“Why do they always want to fight and never listen to me?”

“Why can’t they trust me when I can clearly see something is wrong?”

“Can’t they see that I’m hurting too?”

Parenting can really be frustrating and exhausting especially when you just can’t seem to get through to your teenager.

To make it worse, it is so challenging and difficult to parent your teenager when you continuously have struggles and stress over what your teenagers sees as small and insignificant and yet you know it is something that could be detrimental to their life in the long run.

Without your guidance teenagers can easily make bad decisions such as:

  • Inability to make good choices or plan for their future
  • Making friends with negative people who influence them to take drugs and alcohol
  • Getting involved in sexual relationships that lead to teenage pregnancy
  • As a loving parent, those are scary things to think about

Imagine being told by neighbors or school authorities that your child is disrespectful and a bad influence to others, how would that make you feel as a parent?

Imagine being called to the police station because they have been arrested for drug and alcohol possession?

In some cases they would drop out of school and forget about building a good career, in order to grow up quickly and take care of a baby (babies taking care of babies) or go to rehab.

These are just examples of the reality that good and loving parents face everyday.

If you are a parent you probably have had self-doubt and stress about whether or not you are a good parent? Sometimes you can feel like a failure because you just don’t seem able to get through to your children.

You need you to know that it’s not your fault!

None of us have experience when it comes to raising children. You can only be a parent for the first time in your life once and unfortunately you learn on the job and not like school or driving exams where you get a chance to practice and study first.

And also your child is a unique being that has never existed before so you can’t blame yourself for not knowing how to handle them effectively.

The good news is that it is possible to get through to your teen; it doesn’t have to be a mission impossible. There are steps you can follow and take to help ease your stress and frustrations.

The 6 Ways to Connect With Your Teen Training Program will help you with easy step by step ways to connect with your teen and help them become the admirable son or daughter they are meant to be.

“I wish I had contacted her sooner. I could have saved a lot of heartaches and struggle with my teen. I actually can have a decent conversation with my teen.”

Betty Cain.

Imagine being able to have fully transparent conversations with your teen, connecting and helping them deal with challenges they are facing.

The emotional hug afterwards and those kind words we cherish


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My name is Dr. Stem (Sithembile) Mahlatini.

I am an author of 32 books, a parents and teen coach/counselor, Licensed Psychotherapist, Professional Speaker and Workshop Presenter.

After 23 years in private practice working with parents, teens, families and individuals as a mental health professional and life-career Coach, I’ve seen and heard it all, Parenting Teens is Not Easy.

Through my experience I also understand how little life enhancing support parents and teens have in today’s society.

I support parents through my own extensive experience and expertise because I know that informed parents make a difference in the lives of their teenagers. When parents know better they do better and parenting teens becomes fun for them and their teens.

My mission is to help you rely on your core values while at the same time learning effective methods of parenting, so you can learn to love and experience the joy of parenting your teens.

I created The 6 Ways to Connect With Your Teen Training Program with you in mind. In it you’ll learn parenting techniques grounded by sound child development principles as well as tools from my extensive motivation, inspiration and empowerment.

When you are No longer worried if “you’re doing this right,” you can put all your energy into forming the warm, close connection you want with your child.

Above all, I want you to love the journey of parenting your teens before they leave the nest as they soon will leave.

I want to help you love even all its ups and downs as you begin to form a deeper bond with your children, set clear family expectations, and know that you are being your best parenting self.

In doing that, you are being the Hero to Your Teenager and Family. That Matters!

Here is what others are saying about DrStems Training

I attend DrStem’s Parent-Teen Work with my teenage son and daughter, and we all were very encouraged with how she was able to talk to us about our struggles and how we can better communicate and understand each other. I felt more equipped to deal with my teens and they felt better understanding where I am coming from.

Paulette M. Dallas Texas

I never Knew how much I would gain from Dr Stem Coaching. Now I say “My favorite parenting expert is Dr Stem”. She brings years of counseling and coaching experience, as well as a great deal of knowledge through her journey as an author of 32 empowerment books. I’ve read some of her books, bought her online programs and participated in her in person and online parenting teens workshops , as well as a couple of one-on-one sessions, and she has a great balance of listening and sharing her own perspective and experience.

Karen Keys Boston MA

My daughter and I were really butting heads. Dr Stem made me see some places I was letting my daughter down and helped me see the benefit of being there for her in a more understanding way. DrStem has helped us as a family to work out our differences. What a difference she made in our lives. What I love is when you watch her videos it’s almost like she is right there with you. Her help realy helped us move forward, and my daughter has been a lot more cooperative. We’ve been having more fun as a family.

Ellie E. Orlando Florida


  • Give you the confidence to reconnect with your child and remove all self doubt in yourself and your role as a parent.
  • Show you the right way to talk to your child so you can connect and help them change for the better
  • Help you establish a list of actions you must take to solve specific bad behaviors they have developed
  • Help you to establish boundaries that guide their actions so that you can keep them safe.
  • Help you become the parent you have always wanted to be: happy, proud, effective and influential
  • Give you a practical step by step road map to easily deal with power struggles at their roots and give you the capacity to solve them once and for all.
  • Help you learn about the influences that are affecting your teens so that you know how to help them deal with them

Here is what you get inside

MODULE 1: Understanding Your Teenager’s World

Helps you easily understand your teen from a teenager’s perspective
Snapshots of changes your teenager is undergoing at every age from eleven to eighteen.
What they need from their parents at each stage with step by step actions you can take to provide what they need.

MODULE 2: Conflict (Defiance) And Communication

How to identify when your teen is trying to get your attention without using words
Simple ways you can best deal with teen defiance, and disrespect.
Learn how to get your teen to talk to you so that they can reveal what really is happening in their lives.

MODULE 3: Understanding And Supporting Your Teenager’s Need For Independence.

The seven things your teenager needs to hear from you regardless of their age to help them navigate the new independence they seek

MODULE 4: Teenagers And Technology

How you can help your teens utilize technology without being controlled by it
How to help them be responsible digital citizens.
How to set healthy boundaries around screen time
How to have meaningful conversations with them about what they post online,
How to help them understand the harmful effects of pornography
How to identify as well as deal with cyber bullying,

MODULE 5: Setting Limits And Boundaries

Getting your teen to take ownership of their actions and the importance of apologizing
What to do when they blow your trust
Setting clearly written house rules

MODULE 6: Behavior And Mental Health Concerns Every Parent Must Know

How to identify when your teen is engaging in highly risky perhaps even dangerous or illegal behavior.
How to respond as a parent in a manner that wont push them away
Tools you can use to help you and your teen.
Warning signs every parent must know
How to address teen eating disorder, anger,
How to address drug/alcohol use, sexting,
How to identify teen depression, stress and address cutting and suicidal thoughts
To add even more value to THE 6 WAYS PARENTS CAN EASILY CONNECT WITH THEIR TEENAGERS Training package, and to give you the best chance of achieving success, I want to also include these

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Try my program for 7 days and If you’re not entirely satisfied with the
content and the product, reach out to me and i will fully refund
you the money you paid for the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access all six modules at one time or do I have to wait each week?

You will have instant access to all six modules he moment you purchase the program.

How long is the program?

The whole program goes for just over 4 hours, but it’s best to set aside an hour for each module to get the most out each section, especially the discussion and yes Homework (reflection) at the end of section.

Will there be a replay I can watch later?

Yes! Once you purchase the program, you have full access to the program. You may watch and download at any time.

How long do I have to schedule my Free Call?

You will have 30 days from the date of purchase to use your FREE 60 minute Call with Dr Stem.


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